05/25/2011 11:55 am ET

Trusting our nation's security to Republicans is like trusting your son to Mark Foley

Giving the Republicans the keys to the treasury is like giving Mark Foley the keys to the boy's dorm.

Trusting the budget to Republicans is like sending Mark Foley on vacation to Thailand.

Letting Republicans make environmental regulations is like letting Mark Foley set the boy's dress code.

Letting Republicans run a war is like having Mark Foley teach chastity.

Republicans are as good at reconstructing countries (like Iraq) and cities (like New Orleans) as Mark Foley is at protecting our kids.

Honesty from Republicans is like honesty from Mark Foley It doesn't happen even after they're caught.

Republicans hang onto power, just like Mark Foley, even when they know they're screwing the wrong people.

Republicans keep their real agendas in the closet. Just like Mark Foley

Republicans claim they're in government to protect the country. But they're just there for booty. Just like Mark Foley.

Please feel free to pass these on and add more.