Time for the Gigaton Throwdown!

07/24/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Larry Coben Entrepreneur, Job Creator and of course Archaeologist

Tomorrow in Washington, the Gigaton Throwdown releases its long awaited report on how to remove a gigaton of CO2 from our atmosphere while building an industry to do it. The report presents a potential path to a robust renewable industry and enhanced energy independence and security. The brainchild of entrepreneur Sunil Paul, the report represents energy and environmental policy as it should be made-a well-crafted set of policies designed to achieve a specific goal, not the typical series of vague and amorphous standards and rules from which no potential results are derivable. Some of the recommendations will be well known, some controversial, and some perhaps not feasible. (I was a reviewer of the report). I will not comment on specifics until the report is out, but it will generate much discussion about how serious we are about carbon dioxide reduction and creating a strong renewable industry, and the routes and costs to get there. So check out the report and then we'll talk.