12/13/2010 01:18 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Long Year. Short story. Can You Sum Up 2010 in Six Words?

Some years you just want to scrape off your tongue with your toothbrush. And 2010 feels like one of them. From the Tea Party and the shellacking to the BP Gulf disaster and Tiger Woods' texts, we made quite a mess of the past 12 months. But it wasn't all bad. The Chilean Miners got out, and Lady Gaga and the iPad are going strong (and the later gives Murdoch a new obsession with his new iPad newspaper; it's good to keep him busy),

A big year, but can you sum up 2010 in six words? That's the challenge from SMITH Magazine and New York Public Radio's WNYC. Submit your "six on 2010" on WNYC's blog--we'll read them all and invite some of you to share your six words (and more) live on The Leonard Lopate Show on Dec. 29.

You can also leave your six in the comments below, but you'll need to post your submission to WNYC by Monday, December 27th, at 3 pm to be considered for the show.