02/09/2014 11:09 pm ET Updated Apr 11, 2014

Chinese New Year Message


Dear Ones,

We are moving from the Year of the Water Snake, a year of turmoil and strife, to the Year of the Wooden Horse. The practical, talented, friendly and adventurous horse brings with it a year to work. I think that is what most of us truly long for -- the Universe using our talents and gifts.

No single animal has contributed more to the spread of civilization than the horse. The Year of the Horse means get up and GO! The Year of the Horse means travel, power and freedom. Horses are all about moving forward, running until they are exhausted and serving the world as vehicles for transport. Do not expect to be lying around eating chocolate bon bons. It is time to use your skills to move ahead and if you do so you will prosper in 2014.

If you have been putting off the changes that you have been thinking about, then this is the year to actually make those changes happen. You must exit any congestion and move willingly into this new energy. This is why cleanses are important this year. If you have been thinking about it for a while or maybe even done one but found yourself back into the old patterns of eating, then this is the year.

I want to help people make big changes. I am not interested in the little weight loss cleanses. They only touch the tip of the iceberg. Weight loss is definitely a wonderful side effect of something much more powerful in the cleanse I have created, but it is not the heart of it. You are going to let go of what you have been carrying around physically, emotionally and mentally. The physical body is an excellent communication device if we would all just listen to it.

In horse years we are called upon to shift into first gear and work every day. There will be a lot of work and a lot of social gatherings that seem to come from nowhere. The horse mantras are build, rebuild, make new friends and leave worn out ones behind. Change your image. Clean up the existing picture of your life. Activity is everywhere in 2014. Horses are so unpredictable and headstrong, talented and irresistibly persuasive. They are also temperamental.

You can create your dreams. Keep moving ahead and you will be rewarded. If you do not move forward you will not enjoy 2014. During the Year of the Snake last year, very few people enjoyed themselves. This year there is much joy to experience and to share. So, jump into the saddle and give yourself a little kick and gallop towards success in the Wood Horse Year.



Close your eyes and imagine a horse coming towards you. Notice if it wants to be close by. Give it a name. Give it an apple or a carrot. Look into its loving eyes. This is your spirit horse. Call upon it to give you the strength to move forward in your life. Let it bring you to greater freedom. Each time you call upon your horse it is important to feed it an apple or a carrot. See if you can find a photo that resembles your horse and put it on your altar. The horse you work with is found within you. You are the microcosm and all energies within the entire Universe are within you. The horse can express itself through you and in your life. Notice when you feel your horse. It is always good to keep a diary and write down your experiences with your new animal totem. There are a wide variety of horses, each with its own personality. Riding, plowing, pulling, racing -- the horse serves a variety of functions. To understand your horse, determine what kind it is. Horses are bred for specific purposes and determining that may help you divine the purpose of it within your life. What color is it? What breed? What sex? How does it appear to you? Does it run or walk? Are you riding it or watching it? It is time to examine aspects of travel and freedom in your life. Are you feeling constricted? Do you need to move on or allow others to move on? Is it time to explore new areas? Your horse will teach you how to ride into new directions and discover new-found freedom and power.

At Casa della Madre, we have put together a cleanse that will break your habitual patterns. We have equipment at the Casa that is very rare and will really change your life. The planetary gong bath goes into the deep water of your personality, and it removes the old. Profound emotional work can be done during the cleanse to release old patterns and habits which will help support your new nutritional plan. We will spend time in meditation to quiet the mind and be present in the now.

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God bless you,