Greedy Bastards

02/24/2011 01:49 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Greed means excess, bastard I don't think I need to explain. The word expresses my frustration at folks who don't give a damn how they harm others. They're out for themselves and damn anyone else. Who else but a greedy bastard would be able and willing to con everyone they could and then some and sell worthless paper to so many people, so many times while they profited beyond their imaginable dreams and get away with it totally scot free?

Who else would bankrupt their companies while they walk away richer than ever? Who else could have companies (i.e. shareholders) pay their lenient fines as they laugh all the way to the bank or wherever else they store their wealth? Meanwhile they hand the rest of us a bill for the phony financial boom we were fleeced for in the first place. Then they serve in government without admitting their guilt in this industry wide Ponzi scheme of such global proportion it destroyed trillions of the world's wealth.

This recession, depression, financial meltdown, wasn't an accident. It is the crime of the century, or centuries. Greed coupled with deregulation. Swindles, scams caused it. And nobody has been prosecuted for these criminal acts that are obscene on their very face. We were duped by masters of deception and manipulation.

These greedy bastards have wreaked such havoc on our lives we don't know how to get out from under. Our financial mavens, Wall Street folk, politicians we thought were professional, honest, making money the old fashioned way, 'earning it', stole from us so brazenly it makes one's head spin. Plain and simple they kept selling and reselling paper, loans, anything, betting on anything, even the weather to the extent that Madoff is not the tip of the iceberg, he's a snowflake. Some got rich. Some got left holding the bag. No shame, no conscience, no integrity and worst of all no accountability.

Like hit and run victims lured into the street at a crosswalk we have rambled across to the other side totally unaware the stop lights aren't functioning and our demise is imminent. Then if we survive, hastily bandaged, on crutches, we are tossed back into the street, the road to recovery detoured by new hits while the fat cats see how much more blood can be extracted from our emaciated broken unnourished bodies.

Our fellow Americans, no, correction, these folk aren't fellow Americans. They have no allegiance to anyone or anything but money, not even the almighty dollar because we all know they have allowed our currency to go down the drain along with the rest of us while they reap material rewards behind fences, alongside armed guards protecting themselves from the roar of the crowd like King Louis and Marie Antoinette. Or they teach at our universities instilling this mindset of greed on future generations. Or they step into government, to do what? Who knows? What ever happened to government service? It now seems to be a stepping stone to unlimited wealth with connections to lobbyists eager to pay.

How do the ONE PERCENTERS get away with this? Who supports this minority, this fraction of the population? Who does their dirty work? We do. Our fellow citizens do the beck and call of these greedy bastards in the name of patriotism, less government and other catchwords and phrases that have been perverted so much they have lost all meaning. Common sense states the one who caused the problem should be the one to fix it; i.e. if you have pillaged then how about restitution, making good, atonement, redemption. Not in the picture for these folk. We get stuck with the 'dolorosa'? (Spanish word for pain means the check at the end of a meal, a meal we didn't even have crumbs.) We didn't even eat at the table.

The greedy bastards have amassed immeasurable fortunes while ordinary citizens, the rank and file of Americans pay through the nose for corporate welfare, corporate tax evasion and watch the ship sail out of harbor as jobs fled our shores like rats on a sinking ship while they launder money, defraud customers and cook their books. Now they want to break the unions, a trend started with Reagan, the "king" of deregulation and continued right up until the second Bush cut taxes for the ONE PERCENTERS and got away with it.

Do we take away the crutches, unwrap the bandages, throw the patient out and say heal yourself or do we take the time to rebuild our economy fairly, prosecute those who stole from us, not persecute the folks who have been left hanging out to dry. Can we stay with the patient, invest time, tend to the patient until strong enough to walk on their own. By the way I think we finally found the WMDs. The weapons of mass destruction are in our backyard.