12/20/2010 08:15 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Healthy Desserts: 6 Wholesome Holiday Recipes (PHOTOS, RECIPES)

The Wholesome Junk Food Cookbook is a collection of decadent desserts with a few ingredient changes to make the treats healthier for you. If you want to bake from this cookbook for the holidays, enjoy the six recipes below...or call a local Borders, Barnes and Noble or Whole Foods to see if they have any copies left. In addition to having great recipes for you and family for Christmas, it is also a wonderful hoiday gift for chocolate lover and moms. For those of you who love technology, it is also available as an ebook.

Here are some holiday eating myths:

1. Everyone gains weight during the holidays.
False (Truth: You don't have to. Add a few more minutes to your exercise routine practice portion control, and enjoy wholesome treats, like oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.)

2. Holiday foods are all fattening.
False (Truth: Healthy fats help to fill you up and give that full feeling. Eaten in moderation, turkey, sweet potatoes, etc are healthy. Try pumpkin pie.)

3. Exercising right before dinner can cause you to overeat because you'll work up an appetite.
False (Truth: Exercise suppresses appetite and increases your metabolism. A walk before a holiday meal, and one after, is a great way to stay trim and enjoy foods, like natural whipped cream.)

4. Skip breakfast and lunch to save up your calories for the big meal.
False (Skipping meals set you up to overeat because you'll be starving. Drink a glass of water and eat a few almond or nuts before a meal to take the edge off the hunger that comes from dehydration and supply your body with some healthy fats from nuts. Try our Golden, pineapple carrot muffins.)

We at Laura's Wholesome Junk Food want to share a few of our favorite
recipes from The Wholesome Junk Food Cook book with you.

Check out these six delicious wholesome desserts to consider this holiday.

wholesome holiday desserts