14 NYC Bloggers Do the Holidays (So You Can Relax and Enjoy Them)

12/01/2010 12:51 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011


While the holidays can create a happy sort of stress, no one looks forward to the barrage of email blasts, pop-up ads, tweets, commercials, magazines and mothers telling you where to shop, what to cook, why to go for this airline deal, or how to get drunk (though that's usually the best of the baggage carousel of tips).

So it's a refreshing thing that New Yorkers have one hub of ideas to turn to this holiday season. Charlie Suisman of the Manhattan User's Guide launched NYC Bloggers Do the Holidays last winter for reasons beyond self-promotion. "Since there's not a lot of daily interaction among us bloggers, the holidays seemed a good time to join forces--a fun way to cross paths for readers and for ourselves. The idea was that you could start at any of the blogs and follow the links through and you'd have a good, if unconventional, handle on the holidays. The websites in this group post reflect that--the particular passions and interests of the people behind them," said Suisman, whose own post this year, The Gift Guide: 21 Over $21, is useful for anyone with a computer and a gift list. "So I look at this idea less as a way to compete with major magazines and websites than provide something different. It's not necessarily about offering just quirky, offbeat things--though there's some of that--but giving different lenses, different ways to engage with New York."

NYC Bloggers Do the Holidays went live today so consult this list below, have a happy holidays and remember to recycle.

NYC Bloggers Do the Holidays

Manhattan User's Guide - The Gift Guide: 21 Over $21

Patell and Waterman's History of New York - Christmas with Andy Warhol

Image courtesy of Mommy Poppins