05/24/2012 03:35 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Shop Smarter and Save Money With a Stylist

This may sound a bit backwards, but paying someone to shop for you can actually save you money. Yep. It's true. Most people believe that hiring a personal stylist is a luxury reserved only for the rich and famous. That having a personal stylist is somehow on par with, say, owning a yacht.

Well, I am here to blow that tired old theory right out of the water. Ready for a dose of truth? Here it is. Professional stylist = more cash in your wallet and a stylish wardrobe. Bam!

I know, I sound crazy. Looking fabulous on a budget can seem like a daunting task. I've heard it a thousand times before: "I need a lot of clothing for a little cash, so how could I possibly afford to hire someone like you?"

You see, stylists like myself are like highly skilled shopping machines. We know what works for you and we know how to find it; we save you time, we save you energy, and many of us know how to sniff out a deal from a mile away -- which saves you a lot of money.

Deal sniffing is actually my specialty as a stylist. I have a motto and it goes a little something like this: "Never pay retail!"

Alright, never is a bit extreme, but why pay retail if you don't have to? Stylists like myself have relationships and connections with retailers and boutiques where we get advanced notice to some amazing deals on stylish clothing that helps us maximize our budgets, whether it's YSL for 75 percent off or exclusive discounts. We also know when to splurge, when to save and where to find fashion-forward pieces that work for your body shape, lifestyle, budget and career.

Let's face it, people are busy -- you are busy -- so why spend hours on end shopping for bargains, all while trying to keep up with the latest trends? It's a lot of work (trust me, I know, it's my full-time job). Let a stylist do all that hard work for you. We keep up with the latest trends and know how to make them work for you. We help you to understand which pieces will work for your body so you don't end up buying clothes that sit in the back of your closet with price tags still attached. We also show you versatility with your wardrobe, so you get more variety in the looks you can achieve with the same amount of pieces! How cool is that?

I can't stress that enough -- trends need to work for you. Not only do they need to work for your personal style and your body type -- they need to work for your wallet, too!

Now, I will let you in on a few stylists' secrets for finding the current trends for less.

1. Use costume jewelry to introduce a trend into your wardrobe. It's an inexpensive way to update your look. I found a great piece of costume jewelry that hits the neon trend at H&M for less than $10. Score!

2. Search the clearance rack or sale section online. Trends are sticking around a lot longer than they used to, so often you can find pieces that hit current trends on sale. When retailers release new merchandise, it's often before the season starts, so by the time you need to wear the clothes in season, they're usually already marked down so the retailer can make room for next season's merchandise.

3. Get crafty! DIY is a huge trend right now, so get out your hot glue gun and get to work. There are plenty of amazing blogs that will show you how to create runway trends for pennies.

If you are anything like my clients, the thought of digging through a clearance rack or whipping out a glue gun is just about as appealing as a peanut butter and sardine sandwich. So shop smarter and save money, and hire yourself a stylist.

It will change the way you think about shopping -- we promise!