06/06/2016 12:14 pm ET | Updated Jun 08, 2016

I'm With Her

The Washington Post via Getty Images

An Inconvenient Truth was released ten years ago and it is pretty evident today that the only thing we got wrong was how quickly the impacts would be upon us. In the last decade droughts, wildfires, tornadoes, and superstorms have become common occurrences, leaving untold damage in their wake. Once-in-a-lifetime weather events happen regularly and every year that passes has the distinction of being the warmest ever.

Most environmentalists I know are now more optimistic than ever that as a planet we are finally on the road to addressing this crisis. But action, collaboration, and leadership in the White House will make us or break us in the next four years.

We need a leader who will stand up to big oil interests, affirm our commitment to the historic Paris Climate Agreement, and continue meaningful actions to protect our environment. This is why I am proud to join the NRDC Action Fund and the League of Conservation Voters in endorsing Secretary Hillary Clinton.

Secretary Clinton will continue President Obama's tough work on climate and continue to make it a priority of her administration. There is not a day to lose. She will fight for clean air and water, stimulate the clean energy economy with a national goal to get one-third of our collective energy from renewable resources, expand solar and energy efficiency in low-income communities, and invest in clean energy jobs. This is her platform and this is her promise.

I have known Hillary Clinton for many years. I have hosted her in my home, and over the decades I have watched her fight for women's rights, environmental protection, universal health care, and working families. There is no doubt in my mind that she will protect our important international alliances, and she will protect all Americans at home.

On Tuesday, June 7th, Californians will cast their ballots in the Democratic primary. As the vigorous primary campaign comes to a close, and with Donald Trump as the Republican nominee, the stakes for our state and nation could not be higher.

I hope you will join me in voting for Hillary.