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Why This Grateful Woman Is Voting for Obama

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People of a certain age and a certain means often "vote their pocketbooks." To them I say, I am "voting my granddaughters."

I have been a struggling single mom and understand making ends meet. And I have been financially secure, able to remain safe even in hard times.

But in either case, what is best for the weakest and the neediest is what is best for all of us.

Those of us who are financially comfortable and gratefully covered by Social Security and Medicare are not voting against our interests, but for a stronger economy and a better future when we vote for programs improving health coverage, public education, job training, and other opportunities.

We are voting for the interests of all of our children, our future generations, when we support higher taxes for the most privileged to keep programs that give a leg up to others.

Our country is a better one for all when we are voting to sustain women's rights, gay rights, the world's clean air, health insurance for those uninsured and a Supreme Court that will uphold Roe v. Wade.

I am voting for Barack Obama because I am concerned about rights that could be removed for my granddaughters when they become women, including fair pay for all, the right to choose, deductions for childcare and a sustained Planned Parenthood.

I am voting for someone who seeks diplomacy over war, and is not tied to the fear-mongers, racists and right-wing extremists who are blurring the line between church and state.

Please, if you are struggling, learn the facts and vote your interests. Don't be fooled by lies. Don't erase the gains we've made and halt the gains that need to be made. Please consider the facts, not just the promises.

And if you aren't struggling, please vote for the interests of our country, not just your change purse. Think big, think beyond, to all of us. The stronger and fairer our democracy, the better off we all are.

It is selfish and small-sighted for those of us who have benefited from our system to not pay our fair share, and offer support for others to reach their potential, so that they can give back to this country and future generations.

With my first presidential vote for Lyndon Johnson I was voting in support of civil rights legislation, a cause I felt deeply. That president made a difference that opened the door to a brilliant child, who became our president.

That president can continue to make a difference. He has learned from his mistakes. He has the potential to be great. We are moving forward and we can continue to, with fairness and strength.

For our country, for our children and grandchildren, please join this grateful woman and vote for Barack Obama.

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