02/06/2008 12:39 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

America's Not Ready for A Black President? Sometimes "No" Means "Yes"

When deciding between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, there are plenty of arguments that can be made for either one. However, the argument that drives me insane is when people simply say, "Listen, I'd love for Obama to win, but the truth is the country's not read for a black president. The country's simply not ready." My answer to this is: Has the country EVER stood up and said they were READY for a major change? America wasn't ready for civil rights. It required marches, and riots, and blood in the streets. America wasn't ready for women's suffrage. America wasn't ready for the return of Flava Flav or for Billy Ray Cyrus's demon spawn or for Dippin' Dots--that crazy spherical ice cream they sell at stadiums. I mean, it's called 'The future of ice cream,' but we as a country have been able to come to terms and even embrace it. If we can handle something as groundbreaking as Dippin' Dots, then comparatively a black president is no problem at all.

Other quick thoughts about the race: Giuliani spent 50 million to get one delegate. Couldn't he at least have nabbed 50 delegates by paying each one a million dollars to vote for him??

Mitt Romney changed his positions on gay marriage, abortion, gun control, and the Bush tax cuts because he thought Republicans didn't like his stances. Turns out Republicans didn't like Mitt Romney. Maybe in the next the couple days he'll come out against Mitt Romney and the voters will warm to him.

Ted Kennedy's endorsement does not seem to have helped Obama in Massachusetts, Kennedy's home state. Apparently the voters there don't really like Kennedy. They only voted to keep him in Congress for half a century because they don't want him spending his time in Massachusetts.

Inside sources tell me John McCain refuses to rule out bombing Mitt Romney, even after he drops out of the race.

Final thought: California's Hispanic population needs to watch more Oprah.