11/09/2007 02:27 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Twisted Truth

  • Now back home, Blackwater troops fight for sparse jobs shooting U.S. civilians
  • Mukasey Confirmed as Attorney General, Democrats Continue Search for Own Testicles
  • 25,000 American Children Recalled after Proven Dumb Enough to Eat Lead Toys
  • With The Daily Show temporarily off air, millions forced to get their fake news from FOX
  • Upon First Bush Veto Override, Bush Responds "I wasn't aware they could do that."
  • China Threatens Switch from Dollars to Weird Canadian Beaver Coins
  • Missing White Girl of the Week Still Missing
  • Falsely Accused Guy of the Week Still Guilty
  • Bush stands with Musharraf against "extremists," does not consider instituting martial law in Pakistan extreme
  • Is watching this many reporters waterboard themselves for "exclusive" stories a form of torture?

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