07/21/2010 03:25 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Amanda Palmer, Radiohead & Ukuleles

Let's go over this checklist, in no particular order. Since Amanda Palmer left her band Dresden Dolls to go solo, she's 1) released a major label album, Who Killed Amanda Palmer? produced by Ben Folds 2) toured the world, a few times 3) performed with the Boston Pops 4) got engaged to Sandman author Neil Gaiman 5) released a book version of Who Killed Amanda Palmer that she collaborated on with Gaiman 6) built an unusually personal relationship with her devoted fanbase 7) developed a Twitter following that is double the size of Sarah Palin's 8) garnered praise from performers as diverse as Courtney Love and Thomas Dolby 9) exposed body parts on the red carpet at the Golden Globes 10) done instant 'ninja performences' that brought out hundreds of fans on very short notice

So, obviously the next logical step was to release an album of Radiohead covers performed on the ukulele and sell it online through a donation-based model. Plus a vinyl version. (No CDs, thank you very much.)

In this exclusive interview, she talks about the album and plays some excerpts from it. If you want more, the entire 40 minute interview is posted on my blog at More info on Amanda is at her website,