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GOP Twitter Pioneer Culberson: An Interview In 140 Characters Or Less

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The RNC announced recently that they will be using Twitter in an effort to reach new and younger voters but some Republicans have been on the service for a while - like Texas Congressman John Culberson.

I'm a liberal and frequent Twitter user and I've argued with Rep. Culberson a few times online. It was actually amazing carrying on a political back and forth with real, live elected representative. We don't agree on much politically but he's the real deal on's not an intern or a speech writer doing his Tweets.

Here's an interview I did with Culberson in July, 2008.

@Stranahan: How did you get interested in Twitter?

@JohnCulberson: Erica O'Grady showed me on May 27 - I love high tech. In Jan 1987 in Texas House I was first elec off to create a live BB legis info system

@JohnCulberson: In 1987, I used my Mac Lisa & White Knight BB to type in daily House calendar & tried to tap into Tx Legis mainframe.Got in big trouble w Ds

@Stranahan: Who is Erica Grady?

@JohnCulberson: See I met her through my friend Joseph McReynolds.

@Stranahan: Are you the nerdiest Republican ever?

@JohnCulberson:Ha! Actually dont know anyone else who thrives on this or uses it as I have - My brother Chris & father got me started in 1985

@JohnCulberson: I got a Kaypro & Chris & I drove to Clear Lake & bought our graphic artist father the 1st Mac Lisa in Houston for art layout w Pagemaker

@Stranahan: What is your favorite tech toy?

@JohnCulberson: No contest - my Blackberries - one campaign, one official - I like the Nokia 95 & it may surpass BB but I doubt it. Chris just gave me a GPS

@Stranahan: What is your greatest hope and greatest fear for social media technology like Twitter?

@JohnCulberson: Greatest hope: We the people will take back DC & shut down the waste & idiocy & shift power back to us & local & state as Jefferson dreamed

@JohnCulberson: Greatest fear: None - as Mr Jefferson said "All abuses should be tried at the bar of public opinion." Sunshine is truly thebest disinfectant

@Stranahan: Thanks for the interview.

@JohnCulberson: Good night! I enjoyed the visit - this is a first for me - my first Twitter interview! Thanks

@JohnCulberson: Buck. Fuller said: "Gutenburg made us all readers, Xerox made us all publishers." The www made us all broadcasters