Les Misbarack Viral Video Ignites Online Culture War

10/14/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The latest political viral video sensation is an uplifting and ambitious musical number that's inspiring Obama supporters and bringing out the worst in McCain fans. Les Misbarack was directed by JD Walsh, founder of the Los Angeles improv troupe Ultimate Improv and features actors from the group.

Les Misbarack shot to prominence when popular blogger and Obama supporter Andrew Sullivan posted it with the cryptic comment "Whatever happens, the McCain campaign could never pull this off. Patience, steel... triumph."

This set off right wing blogs, including Amercian Digest, who titled a post "Effete Elite Urban Metrosexual Liberals Running the O-Campaign? How Dare You, Bitch?" which concludes by counter-programming with country singer Gretchen Wilson's music video for Redneck Woman.

Apparently, working in an office is elite but owning seven homes or using your political office to settle personal vendettas is folksy.

Here's Les Misbarack