09/03/2009 03:53 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Twitter Tells Twitterers To Stop Twittering While Tweeting About Twitter

After recent bans by the Marines, Larry King's producers and the NFL on Twitter, the confusingly popular social media site announced that the entire Twitter corporation has banned the use of Twitter by its employees, affiliated companies and entire user base.

In a hastily prepared Twitter press release, Twitter CEO Evan Williams (@Ev) said...

@Ev I am sneaking in a tweet in the executive men's room

@Ev Someone banned us from using Twitter. I think it was me, possibly.

@Ev I read that Twitter was a time waster and security risk.

@Ev That seems bad.

@Ev Also @Aplusk unfollowed me after @IamDiddy said he liked me best

@Ev So seriously, I;m done. No more Twitter.

@Ev For anyone

@Ev I am so over Twitter. Get a life! GET A LIFE!!!

@Ev Trent Reznor just called and said I am doing the right thing, too

@Ev Could someone please ReTweet this whole conversation? Thanx!

@Ev Hey, maybe I should make some money before shutting this down.

@Ev Just had a bagel. Salmon cream cheese is the best!

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