06/28/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Bikini Graffiti: What Age Is Your Butt Better Off Bare?

Last year I found out that I am known around town as "the Juicy Girl." Not because I give juicy gossip, carry the hottest Juicy Couture purse or own a juice bar. I have earned this name because I have been spotted at the pool in our development wearing a bathing suit that says "JUICY" on my buttocks. How did I find out I was given this name? The seamstress at my daughters ballet school said to me, "Oh yes, I heard about you and your Juicy bathing suit." Mind you the dance studio is about six cities away from our house. My how word travels!

In my defense, I purchased the logo bathing suit prior to birthing my two sets of twins. I was so busy raising multiple multiples that finding a new "mom" bathing suit was at the bottom of my list. At the time I was just thrilled that after a year of working hard to get back into shape, I fit in my pre-pregnancy bikini bottoms again. Thank god for this because I certainly did not have time to shop.

This whole story brings me to the fashion question of this season: When is logo a no-go? Does being a mom mean we have to say goodbye to our fun and sexy swimwear forever? My mother's words," you are a mother of four, dress like one," kept haunting me. So I decided it was time to pack away the adorable cocoa colored logo bathing suit and look for something more appropriate. "More appropriate" may mean leaving the logo behind, but it definitely doesn't mean leaving sexy and glamorous behind. From one mother to another, here are my swimsuit fashion tips for this season and our mothers may not like it!

Here are a few suits that are sexy, elegant and modern "mom approved":

1. Add flattering flounce to your poolside style with the Shirred Skirted Bandeau Bikini by Juicy Couture. This style is great for women who can't give up their two piece. The bottom has full coverage and lots of ruffles for a fun look. I bought this suit and my girls love it . They call it my swim tutu. The bandeau top still styles a glamorous look without being as revealing as a triangle top or push up demi style. You can find this suit online at

2. Add drama to your summer wardrobe with the Fringe One-Piece Swimsuit by Boston Proper -- halter style that comes in three basic colors. Perfect for those who are looking for the coverage of one piece, but still want the drama of a two piece. This halter style is flattering on everyone and the fringe hides imperfections in the midsection. Suit can be found at

3. Another great suit from Boston Proper is the Shirred Underwire Mallot One Piece. It gives an ultimate slimming look with ruching all throughout the midsection. Great suit for the post pregnancy belly. Comes in a gorgeous aqua shade that looks beautiful on all skin tones from fair to dark.

4. For bikini lovers who want to transition to something with a bit more coverage, the Victoria Secret Miracle Bra Tankini is show stopping. It can be purchased online at Milkshake pink is stunning on brunettes and blondes. Believe it or not, the tankini can be more figure flattering than a one piece. One piece suits (that are not ruched) tend to be fitted through the bodice accentuating all the lines in your body. This may not be ideal if you are trying to camouflage anything in the tummy area. Some tankini tops are not as fitted through the mid-section & can hide imperfections and post baby bellies nicely. This particular suit directs the eyes to the bustline & away from the belly!

Now, I don't think there is a certain age for certain suits. After all shouldn't we embracing our fit and healthy bodies so we can motivate others to get on a healthier path? Picking the proper swimsuit is more about where you are swimming and your personality. I always say you can be a bit more adventurous on vacation.

If you like logo -- go for it. Just look for suits where the logo lies on the side of the hip instead of on the buttocks or chest. Don't stray far from your personal style just because you are a new mom. If you are used to wearing a bikini all of your life, switching over to a one piece athletic suit will only put you into a fashion state of shock.

Don't choose a swimsuit for the sole reason that your husband, mother or friend likes it. You have to feel comfortable in it or you will just end up keeping your cover up on even in the water. Just remember, you can tone it down a notch and still reflect your own personal style!