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Don't Just Sit, Dance & Get Fit Contest: Break the Trend of Childhood Inactivity

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The number of overweight children and teens in America is still soaring and the epidemic is taking its toll.

According to the CDC, overweight children and adolescents are more likely to have risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease (such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and Type 2 diabetes) than are other children and adolescents. Therefore, the need for extracurricular activities that keep kids active is more important than ever. However, the uncertainty of our recent economy has left many parents having to eliminate some of these extracurricular fitness activities.

So in order to help parents keep their children active in these tough economic times, I have created the Children's "Dance to Get Fit" Contest. Parents that are interested can enter their children and the winner will receive ballet, tap, jazz or hip hop lessons for a year. The type of dance will be the child and parents choice. I will also supply the child with dance clothing and shoes from my dancewear line, Twins Twice Tutus. There will be no expense to the parents for these lessons at all!

"I want other children to have the same opportunity as all my little girls. That is to experience one of the most rewarding forms of exercise out there, DANCE. Ballet, jazz, and tap to name a few help build self confidence, coordination, flexibility and overall physical strength."


Please email a letter to on why your child should win this contest. In addition to the letter, we ask that you also email a video or pictures of your child showing off their favorite dance moves. All submissions must be received by April 15, 2010. If you have twins, triplets, quads or more please feel free to enter. As a mom of two sets of twins, I think moms of multiples should have the same opportunities for their children. We also know plenty of boys who take dance, so please don't hesitate to enter since the contest is open to boys and girls. Children ages 3 to 12 are eligible to enter. In your email, please include names of a few dance studios in your area with phone numbers. We will be contacting them to arrange payment. Winner will be contacted on April 25, 2010 by phone. Please don't forget to include your contact information.

Good luck to all. Remember, we can all make a difference by creating fun ways to keep our children active!!. Bringing opportunities like this contest to families will help break the trend of childhood inactivity!