05/20/2011 10:53 am ET | Updated Jul 20, 2011

Top 5 Sports Stories

TGIF everyone, here's my Top 5 for May 20, 2011 from Len Berman at

1. Quick Hits

* In the NBA playoffs, Oklahoma City beat Dallas 106-100 to even their series at one.
* In the NHL playoffs, Boston shutout Tampa Bay 2-0. The Bruins lead two games to one.
* Interleague play starts tonight in baseball. The Cubs visit Fenway for the first time since the 1918 World Series.
* 40-year-old Jason Giambi becomes the second oldest player to hit three homers in one game as Colorado beat Philadelphia 7-1. Only Stan Musial, at age 41, was older.
* Andy Roddick withdraws from next week's French Open with a shoulder injury, pretty much guaranteeing that the American men's Grand Slam drought will now reach a record-tying 30 major tournaments.
* A former teammate of Lance Armstrong tells 60 Minutes that Armstrong used performance-enhancing drugs.
* NBC Sports honcho Dick Ebersol has resigned.

2. Dress Code

In a couple of weeks, women badminton players will have to wear skirts. That's the rule "to ensure the attractive presentation of badminton." Obviously, women's groups are up in arms. Shorts, tights or tracksuit bottoms may still be worn, as long as they are underneath the mandatory skirt. Hmm, I wonder if women beach volleyballers can wear whatever they want, as long as they're topped by bikinis?

3. Headline News

I thought you'd like to see my favorite headline of the week. Who knew there were blind cricket teams? The headline appeared on "Indian blind cricket team to tour Pakistan, play against other sight-impaired teams. First match is against the Pakistani intelligence team tasked to find Bin Laden."

4. Friday eMailbag

As for Kegasus, the half-man half-horse mascot (encouraging beer drinking) at tomorrow's Preakness, S.S. writes, "In WAAAAAY poor taste! Wouldn't it be NICE if people were just interested in the SPORT of horse racing?"

But from S.C. "I went to the Preakness years ago. Hung out in the infield. It was by far, one of the wildest parties I ever went to. Was there a race that day??"

When I mentioned Jerry Lewis in connection with sports, J.L. wrote to say, "Jerry Lewis carries Gil Hodges' glove with him wherever he goes."

And in response to the predictions that the world is going to end at 6 pm tomorrow, so we won't know who will win this year's playoffs, R.K. asks, "And aren't you going to feel silly if the world DOES end on Saturday?
Editor's Note: Yup, I'm sure that's exactly what my reaction will be.

5. Spanning the World

This week's Spanning the World highlight comes from the Players Championship. A giant turtle takes the plunge.

By the way, doesn't it sound like the fans are chanting "jump, jump?"

Happy Birthday: Chicago Blackhawks great Stan Mikita. 71.
Bonus Birthday: What, Cher's on Medicare? 65.

Today in Sports: Two down, one to go. The last Triple Crown winner, Affirmed, wins the Preakness. 1978.
Bonus Event: Mark it down. The fountain pen was patented by H.D. Hyde. 1830.

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