09/21/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Top 5 Sports Stories

TGIF everyone, here's my Top 5 for August 21, 2009 from

1. Quick Hits

Here we go again. The Yankees begin a 3-game series tonight in Boston. The Yankees lead the Red Sox by 6 1/2 games.

The Mets have spent the least of any team on their draft choices. You have to wonder if Bernie Madoff had something to do with that?

Another lightning bolt. Jamaica's Usain Bolt sets a world record in the 200 meters. 19.19 seconds. Earlier this week he set the 100 meter world record at 9.58 seconds.

2. Paying the Price

Plaxico Burress had no choice but to plead guilty for shooting himself in the leg. He agreed to a 2-year sentence rather than face a minimum mandatory 3 1/2 year term. The Philadelphia Eagles must be counting the days until his release.

3. Snake Oil Salesmen

It never changes in college sports. The coaches are creeps, and the kids pay the price. They don't come more charming than Rick Pitino and John Calipari. They parlayed their slickness into marquee jobs, fame and fortune. And now Pitino has "character issues" at Louisville, and
Calipari sets some kind of record. Both at U-Mass and Memphis, NCAA violations wipe out stellar seasons. He's since moved on to Kentucky. But hey, they win basketball games, so to their employers "no harm, no foul." Nice guys finish last, the sleazy ones get re-hired elsewhere with pay raises.

4. Friday Mailbag

I guess Tiger Woods didn't generate lots of sympathy last Sunday. D.J. writes: "Boo hoo - Tiger lost. Tired of his histrionics on the golf course. Nicklaus and Palmer need to have a talk with him about being gracious." And from J.R. "The baby tiger cub prancing around throwing tantrums is so old and tiring. We get it. He is a great player but a complete and total self-absorbed a**h*** as a human being." Editor's Note: Your membership in the Tiger Woods fan club is hereby rescinded.

C.F. makes a great point about Michael Vick: "The NIMBY' rule, not in my backyard. Most people think it's a good idea to give Vick a second chance, etc., but the people in Philly, who are now stuck with him, aren't at all thrilled. In short, there's general approval for his return to the NFL, but not on my team."

As for Rick Pitino, N.K. twitters to @lenbermansports "Pitino has a section on his website called 'Restaurant Review'? Looks like he took down the content." Editor's Note: The joint was clearly too expensive.

When Michael Phelps got in a traffic accident, Seth wrote: "Maybe he was in a carpool lane?" Editor's Note: Puns are the strong suit of the Top 5.

Along those lines, Gary writes: "500 pound man arrested for selling bootleg CDs...did he suffer from a slipped disk?"

And J.K. caught my attention with his email "How your Top 5 helped my love life." He wrote: "In my attempt to snare the woman of my affection, I started sending her a daily morning message akin to yours. I realized how much I liked having something entertaining to read every day and maybe that could work for me if I could make myself part of her everyday routine. And it would seem as if it has. Thanks Len." Editor's note: Aw shucks.

5. TMI

For those intrigued by the South African runner who is undergoing testing to see if she is really a he. This Olympic tale bears repeating. Stella Walsh won the 100 meters representing Poland at the 1932 Olympics in L.A. When she died in 1980 her autopsy revealed male genitalia. Have a nice weekend everyone!

Happy Birthday: Two-time Heisman trophy winner Archie Griffin of Ohio State. 55.
Bonus Birthday: The Long Island Lolita herself, Amy Fisher. 35. Wilt Chamberlain would have been a young 73 today.

Today in Sports: Were there any commercials? Ted Lyons of Chicago no-hits the Red Sox at Fenway Park. Time of game: 67 minutes. 1926.

Bonus Event: Now we're talking. The first Lincoln-Douglas debate in Illinois. 1858.