11/15/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Top 5 Sports Stories

Happy Tuesday everyone, here's my Top 5 for September 15, 2009 from

1. Quick Hits

Juan Martin del Potro of Argentina pulls the stunning upset. He
knocks off five-time U.S. Open champ Roger Federer in five sets.

Ho Hum, the Patriots trailed Buffalo by 11 points last night in the
final minutes but Tom Brady rallies New England to a 25-24 win.

In a possible playoff preview, the Yankees beat the Angels 5-3.

2. Long Live the King

Was that a blip on the radar last night or the changing of the guard?
After a lackluster start, Juan Martin del Potro bounced back and
dominated the great Roger Federer. In 1981, John McEnroe did it to
Bjorn Borg, and Borg walked out of tennis. I'm not convinced it's the
end of the line for Federer, but just like boxing, tennis players can
age in a hurry. There are always younger Turks like del Potro coming
along to claim the throne.

3. I'm Sorry

A simple phrase that Serena Williams just can't say. She didn't say
it in her news conference or in her first press release. It finally
said she was sorry yesterday on her website. But after she won the
doubles yesterday, she couldn't utter that simple phrase when Patrick
McEnroe gave her the chance. Leads me to believe somebody else writes
the stuff on her website.

4. Tuesday Morning Quarterbacking

Now that the first weekend of NFL football is finally over, a couple
of thoughts. With all the hoo hah over quarterback Jay Cutler leaving
Denver, and showing up in Chicago ... Denver won, the Bears lost.


New season, same old same old. The Lions, Raiders and Bengals are all
winless. Detroit, who else, yielded the most points of any team.


And you knew it was bound to happen. Michael Vick shows up in Philly,
and Donovan McNabb cracks a rib. Even though they signed Jeff Garcia
yesterday, Vick could be running the Eagles (after his two-week
suspension) faster than you can ask "who let the dogs out?"

5. Name-Dropping

Last night at the U.S. Open I sat next to Stanley Tucci and right
behind Judd Hirsch and Matthew Broderick. Tony Bennett and Bruce
Willis were across the aisle. Pretty cool. And in a weird
juxtaposition, Jack Nicklaus was a few rows away. I was wondering if
he was thinking, "aha, Federer is stuck on 15 and Tiger on 14. Maybe
my record of 18 majors is safe after all!"

Happy Birthday: Hall of Fame pitcher Gaylord Perry (Mr. Spitball).
Bonus Birthday: Mr. Conspiracy, director Oliver Stone. 63.

Today in Sports: Muhammad Ali beats Leon Spinks in 15 rounds to
reclaim the heavyweight title for the third time. 1978.
Bonus Event: Pie charts! USA Today is born. 1982.