12/02/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Top 5 Sports Stories

TGIF everyone, here's my Top 5 for October 2, 2009 from

1. Quick Hits

Today is "O" day in Copenhagen. The 2016 Olympics Games will be
awarded. Chicago is hoping their "O's," Obama, Mrs. Obama and Oprah
will carry the day.

The Colorado Rockies clinch a playoff spot. The Governor of Colorado
declares that in honor of the team October will now be known as
"Rocktober." Not to be outdone the Governor of New York declares the
Mets season "Rockbottom."

The Mets will lower all ticket prices for next season.

Eddy Curry of the Knicks is hurt already. God I missed the Knicks.

At least 100 NFL players will wear pink spikes Sunday to support
breast cancer awareness.

2. Half Empty or Half Full?

With the regular season coming to an end, baseball Commissioner Bud
"rose colored glasses" Selig is thrilled that baseball will draw
around 75 million fans. Selig called it "stunning" and a "testament to
the huge popularity of the sport." Then again, 20 teams suffered
attendance drops, and overall baseball had its biggest loss in
attendance in over half a century. (6.5%) So it's all how you look at
things. Next season will be the true test. Especially with season
ticket holders.

3. Red White and Pinstripe

So if someone asks you which baseball team is "America's Team" what's
your answer? Sacred Heart University took a national poll and the
Yankees were the overwhelming winners. 41.6 per cent chose the Yanks,
16.3 per cent voted for the Red Sox. Interesting to note that the
Toronto Blue Jays got at least one vote. Get those voters an atlas. Eight
teams that actually play in America were shutout.

4. Friday Mailbag

When I mused about why the Kardashians are so famous, many of you
pointed out that their father was a buddy of OJ Simpson and a member
of his legal team. And M.M. wrote, "As for the rest of the family, and
their claim to fame, it seems to have evolved from a video on the
internet, of one of the daughters, namely Kim, taking part in an act
of lust. What a wonderful and proud legacy to leave."
Editor's Note: Amen.

With the Russian billionaire buying an NBA team, R.B. asks: "Will the
New Jersey Nyets be wearing red uniforms next season?"
Editor's Note: Maybe, and look for beer, brats and borscht at the
concession stands.

As for the hunter from Green Bay who shot his cousin because he
thought he was a squirrel, D.P. asks: "Did he shoot him in the nuts?"
Editor's Note: Have a nice weekend everyone.

5. The Name Game

There's a Western Hockey League team in Canada called the Brandon
Wheat Kings.They're in Brandon, Ontario. The newest member of the team
is a Brandon native named Wheaton King. So Wheaton King plays for the
Wheat Kings. Talk about a one-man team.

Happy Birthday: Dodgers base stealer supreme, Maury Wills. 77.
Bonus Birthday: Kelly Ripa. 39.

Today in Sports: Sandy Koufax sets a World Series record by striking
out 15 Yankees in game 1. The Dodgers go on to sweep the Yankees as
Koufax wins World Series MVP. 1963.

Bonus Event: Alas, there are no more tripleheaders in baseball. In
the first and only 20th Century Major League tripleheader, the Reds
take two of three from the Pirates. It was a one day series. 1920.

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