12/03/2012 06:13 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2013

'Revenge' Season 2, Episode 9 Recap: Dirty Dealings In 'Revelations'

Note: Do not read on if you have not yet seen Season 2, Episode 9 of ABC's "Revenge," titled "Revelations."

This week's installment features some big changes for the Hamptons crew: Daniel is determined to get the board's approval by hook or by crook -- and it's mostly crook; Ashley Davenport may be returning to a lifestyle similar to the one she had in 2006; and Nolcorp becomes a subsidiary of Grayson Global after a thorough backstabbing from former lover and CFO Marco.

For once, things are relatively peaceful for Emily. She and Aidan are going strong, though the christening for Fauxmanda's son Carl brings up pangs of regret about the family she doesn't have with Jack.

Speaking of, Jack's Dickensian misfortunes continue as usual: he figures out that the Ryan brothers are bad news with help from Nolan's sleuthing skills. Their bad guy-ness is confirmed when they beat up Matt Duncan at the christening. Covered in blood, Matt tells Jack that he killed Joe Ryan, and that the gun he used is hidden somewhere on Jack's boat. Jack finds the gun, and miraculously Matt lives. Looks like Jack's misfortunes won't be ending any time soon.

Meanwhile, Conrad and Daniel compete to woo the board's key player, Mr. Grobet -- a puppet controlled (rather messily) by Emily and Aidan. Fearing that Ashley is turning Daniel against Aidan, Emily and Aidan send Victoria a video of Conrad and Ashley er, doing the horizontal tango. Vic tries to leverage this to her advantage, and sends Ashley to Mr. Grobet's for more horizontal tangoing to ensure he votes to keep Conrad as CEO. Aidan engineers an interception by Daniel, who, with the help of a cameraphone and threat of blackmail, wins Grobet's support. Too bad it's at the cost of life as she's come to know it for Ashley. As previously stated: messy.

Marco resurfaces because his break with Nolcorp ruined his career, and he has grown tired of being poor. Fair. What isn't fair is that he screws over Nolan, forcing him into a deal with Grayson Global or else having the truth revealed about the account that was emptied for Amanda Clarke. Marco won't stop picking at the fact that Amanda lives above a bar when she's supposed to have half a billion dollars -- there's no way that won't turn into trouble.

And finally, some deep thoughts on happiness: Emily ponders if it's possible to be truly happy with a life devoted to revenge. Maybe, maybe not. But, for now, she's definitely happy with the leverage afforded her by Victoria Grayson needing her help.

"Revenge" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on ABC. New episodes return on January 6.

'Revenge' Season 2
'Revenge' Season 2