07/19/2011 01:33 pm ET | Updated Sep 18, 2011

What's in Amanda Beard's Gym Bag?

US Weekly fans are familiar with the weekly "What's in My Bag?" style and beauty feature, in which readers gain an insider's peek at celeb's purses. One week we might learn that Whitney Port carries a Miu Miu wallet, an apple, blush and a Blow Pop. Kate Walsh has apparently mastered the Walk of Shame with her Hanky Panky Low-Rise Thong, toothbrush and sunglasses in her $3400 Celine Classic Box Bag.

Um, you know what's in my purse? An overstuffed wallet that would put George Costanza to shame, Burt's Bees cuticle cream that has never once actually worked, and an assortment of random M&Ms, Sour Patch Kids and shards of gum floating around like the world's least sanitary candy store.

I thought it would be interesting to peer inside the bag of someone more relatable than a wealthy actress, but more interesting (and sanitary) than me. Enter Amanda Beard: Olympic medalist, swimming phenom, new mom. What does she lug around in her gym bag? She gave me the scoop:

The bag: AquaLung backpack (in black and blue). "It's stylish with loads of pockets and hidden spaces for my most important things."

The flipflops: Havaianas in pink and blue.

The 'poo: Bumble and Bumble shampoo and conditioner (moisturizing crème de coco to help combat the drying chlorine).

The snacks: Beard replenishes with a banana, a bag of fresh berries, and Horizon organic chocolate milk.

The makeup: "With my sport, I am outside and in the water, which can be really drying and damaging to the skin, so I try to be vigilant about taking good care of it. I protect my skin with sunscreen and am religious about keeping my face moisturized and properly protected all day, so I also use a face lotion with SPF 30." Mission Organic SPF 15 Strawberry Lip Balmer, which she actually helped design; Maybelline waterproof mascara; her favorite fragrance, Mimosa body spray by Calypso; Mission Sunscreen SPF 70 and SPF 30 face lotion; Bath & Body Works hand lotion with sanitizer.

The protection: This surprised me -- Amanda forgoes tampons and uses Instead Softcups menstrual cups. "I can wear them longer than tampons (up to 12 hours), and they provide great protection, even while doing rigorous activities such as swimming. Softcups work by collecting rather than absorbing the fluid, so I don't even know I'm wearing it. I want to stay focused on the task at hand."

The motivation: A photo of her son, Blaise, on her iPhone, which she also uses to listen to her favorite tunes.

How does your bag compare to Beard's?