From California Dreaming to Los Angeles Achieving

05/15/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

As I sit here with a mind full of excitement, I find myself ripping through thoughts and ideas of how I can begin to showcase everything I love to a new audience that's gracious enough to lend an eye and an ear to something they may have never experienced. That something is my outlook on life, and to be a bit more descriptive it's my outlook on being a young progressive person living in the city of never ending opportunity... Los Angeles, CA. I moved to this city at 19 years old, completely alone and unknown. In the few years that have past since then I have been able to enjoy, network, and think my way into a career completely tailored to me. The most basic way for me to title my position is to say I'm a visual artist, a content creator, a filmmaker, so on and so forth. The full experience will begin at the bottom of this post and then continue to be unveiled from that point on!

The video below is 1 episode of about 40 that I have created thus far in a project I started last year, called Maestro Knows. The title is meant to describe the experience of taking a talent you have been given and utilizing it in the most natural form... in your own style. This project is me, it's my friends, my thoughts, my opinions, my epiphanies, it's my life. No conceptualizing necessary, breaking the norm and any other barriers that I don't want in my way.

I decided to begin by posting this episode because it showcases someone that I respect and someone that represents so well the city that I live and love in... someone who is, authentically, LOS ANGELES. Meet Mr. Cartoon.


Los Angeles