Resolution for Evolution

01/31/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Since I've been an adult, I cannot think of a New Year that's been so universally anticipated... longed for, really. "Out with the old" seems to have become a global mantra (along with "Yes, we can!") that people of every possible background have been muttering with OCD-like intensity, right up to the last second of 2008. And this communal clamoring for a new year and a fresh start goes far beyond politics. A new President seems to be simply a symptom of the collective call for change, which extends into every area of so many people's lives.

That's a lot of pressure to put on a fledgling new year, don't you think? 2009 has a lot riding on it, with countless people's hopes and dreams hinging on these first few days. If we're not careful, all our expectations may be conspiring to doom 2009 before it even gets under way... really, who could deliver under those circumstances? Please, let's not let that happen!

I say, let's give poor little '09 a break. Just step back & let the beginning of the year roll out. If the stock market doesn't rally in the first week and your entire life (relationships, work, weight... whatever) doesn't magically fall into place, just relax. It can't all happen instantly. I'm all for exuberance and instant-gratification (stop smirking, those of you who know me well), but let's all just have a little perspective and patience.

The best advice -- and if I could remember who said it, I'd credit them -- I've heard yet is, "Be the change that you want to see." Sure, it's a little cryptic because there's no clear blueprint for "being change," but the direction is pretty clear: don't expect life or the Universe or the New Year or anything external to simply "deliver." It's easier said than done, to be certain, but this is the very notion I wish to bring into my New Year, and it's a doozy of a resolution. Somehow, if we could all manage to embody the aspirations we have for 2009 and beyond, we may just collectively attract them for everyone to revel in.

Clichéed as it may be, there is only one way in which 2009 (or any year, for that matter!) can unfold: one day at a time. Let's all agree to make the most of those days!