America's 5 Most Epic Ski Runs (PHOTOS)

02/22/2012 07:10 am ET | Updated Apr 23, 2012

Discovery is one of the Liftopia team's favorite aspects of skiing and riding. Many of us in the office are no longer pioneers, but we'll hike a good amount to find the perfect powder stash, a chute to navigate or a (two foot) "cliff" we can huck. Luckily for us, most of these spots were discovered long ago and creatively named. A poll of the Liftopia crew's favorite runs resulted an amazing response and our list of the Top 5 Epic Ski Runs. "Epic" means different things to different skiers and riders but here's a list of names that should sound familiar. Go out and discover these trails...and bring your courage.

Are these your tops? Maybe you can choose from some very honorable mentions:
Honorable mentions:

· Superstar at Killington
· Regular Johnson at Snowbird
· Genghis Khan at Vail
· Front Four at Stowe
· Idiots at Alpine Meadows
· Wipeout at Mammoth
· Spiral Stairs at Telluride
· Big Couloir at Big Sky
· Tuckerman Ravine on Mt. Washington
· Tightrope at Attitash
· Exhibition at Sun Valley

If we missed one of your favorites let us know.