06/13/2013 03:27 pm ET Updated Aug 12, 2013

How to Eat (VIDEO)

Eating the proper kind of food is important (obvious cops!). However, what is intensely nourishing for you may not be intensely nourishing for me. But there is something that cuts across the board. Whatever food is optimal for you, if you're not eating it, and instead are eating food that hurts you in some way, doesn't feed you and doesn't provide the nutrients that you need, then you are hurting yourself in ways that you may not understand. This extends outside the parameters of food allergies and into the huge area of either choosing not to eat, or not having access to the kind of food that is nurturing to you.

Without the proper nutrients we cannot grow, we cannot think clearly, we cannot sleep, we cannot feel good, and we cannot live up to our potential.

On the flip side, with the proper nutrition, it is possible for us to do all of these things.

I cannot tell you (or anyone) how to eat, outside from suggesting the basics: that whole, nutrient rich real foods are best, chose organic if you can afford it (Not a lot of people can. Which is a huge problem in and of itself), fake foods aren't food, and therefore should not be eaten. But outside of those guidelines, food is an intensely personal thing. You have to go down this winding road yourself, hopefully with some friends, maybe with your doctor if she or he is the kind of doctor who pays attention to nutrition, and trial and error your way to the optimal diet for your life at this moment. And then be willing and able to listen to yourself when what you need changes.

As I mentioned in the short video, two of the things that I struggled with pretty fiercely back when I was eating food that didn't (and still doesn't) take care of me, were insomnia and depression. What did you battle with? Are you through it yet? How's it going?


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This post originally ran on Lillian's Test Kitchen

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