05/30/2012 09:15 am ET Updated Jul 30, 2012

Don't Give Up Your Power

"The most common way people give up their rights is by thinking they have none."
- Alice Walker

Woman's Rights. Media. False Portrayal. These words come together to create an ongoing issue this society has struggled with for so long. Simply because of their gender, woman in all industries are forced to deal with bias opinions and constant doubts about their abilities. It has been estimated that the average American spends 10 hours and 45 minutes per day in front of a TV screen or a computers images, learning from the opinions of the media (a male-dominated industry). The information going straight to our heads, all adding up to form a society where women are belittled. Presenting women as mere objects to the world around us, this false representation of women is shaping who we are as a community.

As a result of these distorted images, young girls everywhere are led to believe at such a young age that we're not good enough, and it clouds the achievements we believe we will be able to attain. They lower our self-esteem a little bit every time. We are led to believe that our dreams of becoming scientists or great doctors will never come true -- these are jobs only a man can withstand because we are simply not strong enough. More often than not, we are rendered as the victims and criticized when greatness is achieved. I am now choosing to do something about this long-fought battle. When you begin looking at this demoralized situation with a more critical eye, you will begin to notice what I have just begun to see. We as a society are blind to the way women are treated. There are few who are brave enough to open their mouths and challenge the circumstances at hand.

The unfortunate truth of it all is that it still is a revelation when we hear of a woman running for president or finding the cure to a worldwide disease. It is an amazement when they are solving issues that the world has just begun to question. The answer to constantly being one step ahead of it all is simple. We are obliged to look at things more critically because our opinions are often strong. All of the thinking and questioning takes place internally. However, we are taught at a young age that our value in society depends on outer appearance alone.

Subconsciously, as a society, we are promoting this type of behavior by looking at this male-dominated society with open eyes and a shut mouth. But we can challenge the situation at hand. Protect the women in your community and defend what they stand for! Spend a tenth of the time you may devote to worrying about the image in the mirror to making a difference and focusing on worldwide issues. Perhaps even try to solve the one that leads to constant concern regarding external beauty. Never doubt your inner strength, your mental strength or your endless knowledge simply because it cannot be seen! The mere fact that we as woman have been able to withstand such torment and denigration for so long should be enough to prove that there is so more than just the outermost layer. When will the strong woman we are be enough? Choose for that time to become NOW. Never be afraid to dig deeper and to challenge women's rights. To speak up. To make a difference.