Game on Mac: Is the iPad the New It?

06/03/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The long awaited tablet is here. This day will be remembered by all Apple crazies out there (including myself) as a milestone in the Macintosh history. Aside from Greg Packer's attention grabbing and this wonderful review by Jessica Mintz, two questions remain in my head: What about us gamers? Will the iPad deliver? I spoke to Evan Wilkinson, founder of Game on Mac, who gives us an insightful look on the future of the iPad as a gaming platform, along with the buzz on the Macintosh empire.

LC: How do you feel about the launch of the iPad? Do you think it will make a good gaming platform?

EW: I do think that the iPad is a good gaming platform. It has a nice large screen, a great touch screen. As many of us know, as far as gaming goes, the experience is going to be very similar but with better graphics and processing power. Given the included double-pixeling of existing App Store games, it really isn't possible for the iPad not to be a success.

LC: Are the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad here to stay as gaming platforms?

EW: Yes.

LC: What do you think of Steam for Mac?

EW: It's about time! I hope this ball that they have started rolling shows that OS X is a viable platform for developers to bring their games. There are a lot of people with Macs out there and there is more to having a Mac than graphic design and work. Steam will be a very welcome addition to my machine!

LC: What propelled the creation of Game On Mac?

EW: A simple need of necessity. I have all Macs in my house and have always been interested in gaming. Since moving from Windows to Mac a number of years ago I've had a hard time finding games to play, not because they aren't out there but there wasn't a clear and simple single place to find them.

LC: What does Game On Mac offer that is unique and cannot be found on any other website?

EW: Our gamelist! Having news and reviews is great and there are others that do this, but Game on Mac has an extensive game list which can be filtered down any number of different ways to find just what you are looking for.

LC: What is your website's target audience?

EW: Anyone who has a Mac within the last 10 years or an iPhone, iPod Touch or recently an iPad. We are working to build the most comprehensive list of games available on these platforms.

LC: What are your plans for the future of Game On Mac?

EW: To continue to build the gamelist as games are released and announced and continue to cover the gaming market bringing the latest news, releases, sales & deals, reviews and opinions. The industry never stops and we won't be either.


Thank you Evan for your innovative contribution to the Apple fandom! As for me, I hope someday I can test the shiny new iPad.