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Puerto Rico Under Crisis

Hundreds of families are suffering from the economic crisis. The nation is holding its breath, waiting for a suspect to be charged with the murder of eight year old, Lorenzo González Cacho. The University of Puerto Rico is undergoing a massive strike. Where is the Governor of Puerto Rico?

Today a new chapter developed. A father was brutally attacked by the police, while trying to take food to his son, one of the students participating in the massive strike. The video is now circulating the Internet, where you can see police officers arresting this man, without giving him First Aid treatment for a superficial wound in his forehead. One officer (0:38 seconds into the video), puts his leg in front of the father to intentionally make him fall.

People are calling Fortaleza. Others are crying for Obama's help, calling the White House. Meanwhile, Luis Fortuño has not said a word about any of this issues. The people have spoken. It is time someone listens.

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