06/15/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Hillary Clinton, No "Little Woman", Begins To Tear Down This Wall!

Hillary's speech on Saturday was, arguably, the most eloquent one of her career. It had to have been the most difficult one to conceive, to commit to paper, to deliver. Following her Tuesday night oratory and the ensuing criticism, the extreme pressure brought to bear, a belated concession/endorsement speech is a Herculean feat. Even a half-hearted effort would have been a daunting challenge.

Hillary Rodham Clinton not only rose to the challenge, she rose above it.

There is no room for criticism of any sort here. Clinton supporters have every reason to be proud of their candidate. Obama supporters should be--and are--deeply appreciative of a speech, well-crafted, well-delivered and supportive of our candidate, our party, our country.

The immediate response from Obama HQ to the My.BO on-line community was an e-card of thanks with space for Obama supporters to sign on and add comments of their own. The expression of solidarity will be forwarded to the Clintons and their campaign staff, with thousands and thousands of signatures.

Among independent My.BO on-line groups, e-mails are flying. There is no one finding fault with Senator Clinton today. There will very likely be contributions made to the Clinton camp to help retire her campaign debt.

Hillary hit perfect pitch when she said we Democrats are family, that there is too much at stake for "what if" or "what might have been" to get in the way of united forward momentum.

It is our time. And it's time we become the best that we can be between now and election day 2008: Democrats united for a renewed American Dream. And John McCain's worst nightmare.

Thank you, Senator Clinton.