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Linda Rosenkrantz

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Fathers of Famous-Named Babies

Posted: 06/15/2012 4:49 pm

Last month we gave a Nameberry shout-out to the moms of best-named babies in the past year, so how could we not do the same thing for the dads on Father's Day? We were looking for names with a real sense of style, a spark of originality, an eye for vintage treasure -- and in one case even some playful gender-bending.

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  • Adeline, Daughter of Simon Helberg

    He may play nerdy Howard Wolowitz on The Big Bang Theory, but Simon Helberg's baby name choice is as non-nerdy as it gets. Sweet Adeline is dripping with old-fashioned charm--and is one of the older/newer nostalgic paths to the nickname Addie.

  • Arlo, Daughter of Johnny Knoxville

    There's been an epidemic of gender-bending activity in the celebrisphere of late, most prominently with Jessica Simpson's girl Maxwell, and one of the most recent is this choice of Jackass's Johnny Knoxville (born Philip Clapp). Arlo, with its similarity to Marlo and Harlow, slides more easily over the gender divide.

  • Bastian Kick, Son of Jeremy Sisto

    The first name choice of Jeremy Sisto started as a short form of Sebastian, but Bastian on its own, hero name in The Neverending Story, is currently very hot in Latin America, Germany and Scandinavia--and just beginning to be heard here. Middle name Kick is as lively as a name can be--it was the nickname of one of JFK's sisters.

  • Boone McCoy, Son of Eric Church

    A fitting choice for country music singer Eric Church, Boone has that rustic Dan'l Boone feel, as does middle name McCoy, associated with the infamous hillbilly Hatfield feud, as well as the authenticating phrase 'the real McCoy.'

  • Hawkins Crawford, Son of Tony Romo

    Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and his wife Candice Crawford picked the perfect athletic-shirt-ready name for their boy, an image underscored by the inevitable nickname Hawk, and he also carried on the tradition of putting mom's maiden name in the middle.

  • India Rose, Daughter of Chris Hemsworth

    Chris Hemsworth--Thor himself--stated that he originally wanted to name his daughter Indiana Jones, but that somehow didn't sound right for a girl, so moved over to India. But another new dad who stuck with it is Ethan Hawke, who did name his baby girl Indiana.

  • Mabel Ray, Daughter of Bruce Willis

    Compared with his older daughters adventurously named Rumer, Scout and Tallulah, Bruce Willis's choice of Mabel Ray sounds almost tame--but it's a great, spunky first and middle name combo. Ray--along with May and Fay--is becoming a middle name du jour.

  • Maple Sylvie, Daughter of Jason Bateman

    Jason Bateman's choice is one of the sweetest imaginable, more daring than the name of his older daughter, Francesca Nora. The combination of the first and middle names softens some of Maple's tree-ness and adds a syrupy element.

  • Maxine, Daughter of Nick Hexum

    311 front man Nick Hexum, another bold baby namer, ventured into babyname limboland with this choice of a name that hasn't been used in decades. She'll share the nickname Max with another female--Jessica Simpson's daughter Maxwell. Maxine Hexum's big sister's name is the haunting Echo.

  • Pearl Clementine, Daughter of Jack Osbourne

    Jack Osbourne's pick is definitely a double-header Nameberry fave. Pearl is one of the newly polished up gem names that was also chosen by Maya Rudolph and used by several other celebs as a middle name. Clementine is stylish but still relatively rare-- Ethan Hawke's little Indiana has a big sister named Clementine.


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