05/02/2012 08:55 pm ET | Updated Jul 01, 2012

Buy Your Wedding Invitations Online

Searching for the perfect wedding invitation can be a daunting task, especially given all of the options involved in finding the perfect one. So, where do you begin your search for the one invitation that suits you to a "T"?

Gone are the days when the only choice a bride had was to go into her local stationery store and turn page after page after page of enormous wedding invitation binders.

Now, you have a shopping option available to you that was not readily available to brides even as recently as 10 years ago... shopping for your invitations online.

There are a plethora of wedding invitation websites where you can shop in the comfort of your home and even perhaps in your PJs, sipping a glass of wine, while experimenting with various motifs or font styles for your wedding invitation!

So, consider this as it relates to buying your wedding invitation online.

1. You are likely very busy, and it certainly is a convenient way to look at your options and even compare pricing. Many sites have invitations grouped by style, theme and/or color. So, if you have a sense of what you are looking for, there are some buckets to start with. If you are not sure, again, there are some buckets to start with that might help you narrow down your options.

2. You can easily share with your mother and best friend. Many sites now have social share buttons that allow you to share via Facebook, Twitter and email. You can solicit input from those near and far with a simple click of your mouse.

3. Technology is evolving and online shopping in many instances is interactive. On many sites there is a preview function whereby you can adjust your font size, change the font style, and/or play with the wording. The bottom line is you are in control.

4. Expert assistance available via phone and/or chat. Because of your busy schedule, the time you may be searching could be early in the morning or late in the evening. Most internet companies offer online chat and/or an 800 number to speak to an expert. Companies like Exclusively Weddings actually offer trained bridal consultants that are both experts on wedding etiquette and the products offered on their site. There are also other tools on these sites, such as invitation wording examples for all family situations and wedding styles. This includes when to use middle names, or how to list divorced parents, etc.

5. Order invitation samples to see first-hand what the invitation looks like, the quality of the paper and the printing style. A reputable company will offer free invitation samples so you can truly try before you buy.

And if you have any concerns, such as with the security of the website you are on, simply look for a McAfee Secure or some other security certified seal on the website, which should click through to a certification document. The seal is typically located in the header or footer area of the site.

As I stated earlier, you have options. Going to your local stationery store is certainly one. But, be sure to check out all the online options too. You may be surprised at how much is available, but at the same time, how quickly you can narrow down your choices.