Politics Online: Meg Is on the Move

04/12/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

A savior for California is arising on the web and the airwaves.

She has a well-crafted message :

  1. Create Jobs
  2. Cut Government Spending
  3. Fix Education

Simple. Three action verbs.

Crafty. Devoid of details so voters can read whatever they want into Meg's policy.

Short, so people can spend more time thinking about what Simon said on American Idol.

There are organizations that pay a lot of money to derive messages like this. (I guess she did this too.) The message is short, sweet, and succinct. (White House take note.)

I can tell you that the moms in the neighborhood like this woman. Her eBay connection doesn't hurt either, because many of them have been selling household items on eBay trying to raise money for food and shelter.

She is saturating California's airwaves -- TV and radio -- with ads. Now she is leading people to her site and asking their opinion by telling them to go to Here's what she says:

Welcome. It's going to take all of us to rebuild California. I have learned from traveling across our state and meeting with Californians that the best ideas come from you, the voters. As we work together it's important to hear your voice, your concerns, your ideas and your dreams for our state. This is the place to share your thoughts with the campaign about our plan to build A New California. You will hear directly from me and you will also hear from different members of my campaign team. Suggest solutions. It begins with you.

And there right on the home page, in a lesson from circa 2007, is the blog with comments and suggestions. The internal social networks aren't there yet, but there are 'coalitions' to join: Seniors for Meg, Women for Meg, Latinos for Meg, African-Americans for Meg, etc. (Interestingly enough, except for the title, the descriptions for Latinos for Meg, and African-Americans for Meg, are verbatim. No mention of immigration or black unemployment....why not just one group for all people of color. Call it 'The California Majority for Meg')

So Whitman is off and running with the momentum for change that just might sweep her into office. By the time the hard questions are asked, it might be too late.

And what about her Democratic challenger?

Well ... technically there is no credible challenger right now because the presumed candidate, Jerry Brown, hasn't announced his run yet (Is there another? I like Jerry but he's had his shot and I have a feeling voters are looking for something new ... so I ask again ... is there another ... anywhere?)

Any other Democrat might be written off at this point, but it's rumored Brown has a ton of campaign money and because he's been around this block a couple (or maybe a dozen) times, I wouldn't count him out.

Brown's site emphasizes how he is working for us as the state AG. "Standing up for Californians!" he says. The site looks more 2003 than 2010. There are a few places on the site that invite us to "Join Jerry." Join him where?

Maybe the wink, wink has gone on long enough and Brown needs to get out there and say what he's doing and why. Or, maybe his job precludes him from doing this now. Maybe he's staying out of the way of Whitman primary competitor, Poizner.

I don't know ... I'm just a mom from the neighborhood. I hope Brown revs it up soon.

Meg isn't waiting. Meg is on the move.