The Man With the Plan (And the Ball And the Court)

04/26/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

He's got moves. No denying it. The question is: Have we seen them all, or is there more?

At least, he has a plan! The other team is still scrambling in the locker room.

It's safe to say that when the President takes the court for his health care reform televised game, he will be the best player in the Blair House Arena.

For the Dems, it makes sense to give him the ball. He's their 'Kobe.' Problem is, they aren't his Lakers ... they're more like his Clippers. Sure, some can hold their own, but few of them are high scorers and others are past their prime. Yeah, their best bet is to pass the ball to 'Kobe '... I mean the President.

Looking at the list of players invited to the game by the White House, it's hard to envision a dream team on either side. As a matter of fact, if I were the Republican coach I'd ask for substitutions.

If everyone shows up, the Democrats will have a majority ... but if the past is any indication, they won't act like it.

And, since this game is going to be televised, I'm sure both teams are frantically working on strategy and spin. Of course, we already know what to expect. We've seen them play all year and it will go something like this: 'Kobe' will play offense while the rest of his team huffs and puffs their way up and down the court trying to keep up. The other team has only one play -- they all gather under the basket and block every shot.

If only 'Kobe' had someone to pass to ... another player who can slam-dunk the public option while the other team is off guard. Maybe he should try a shot from way out-of-bounds just to see what happens! After all, it's his ball and his court. It will count if he says it will. Swish!

Still, I'm looking at the player list and wondering, "Who's Got Game?"

Wonder if the Repubs will bring Joe Wilson to sit on the sidelines and yell "You Lie" every time 'Kobe' has the ball. Wonder if Pelosi will signal plays by batting her eyelashes a lot. Wonder if McConnell will intentionally foul.

The truth is, this is a serious 'game' for the majority of Americans who want and need health care reform NOW! We don't want a replay of 'Kobe' attempting to shoot, the Dems standing there watching, and the Repubs blocking every shot. Nobody scores and nobody wins.

'Kobe' ... I mean the President, has a plan. A flawed plan without the public option ... but a plan nevertheless. The other team needs to get in the game or get out of the way.