04/29/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Sanity at Long Last! Prostitution Laws Are Un-American.

The New York Post today announced the arrest of Sean Delonas for impersonating a cartoonist. That was a joke.

What's not a joke was the following:

The NYPD quietly shut down its highly successful Vice Squad operations on Craigslist without any explanation to the officers, The Post has learned. The move came after five years of targeting sex-for-cash ads on the site, which led to arrests in all five boroughs, sources said. The Vice Squad Craigslist program was shut down about 18 months ago, sources told The Post. But NYPD spokesman Paul Browne insisted it happened as long as three years ago because a new commanding officer of the squad thought it was "a waste of resources." Before the NYPD shut down the Craigslist vice operations, officers would regularly set up similar illicit meetings with prostitutes, usually in hotel rooms, by responding to ads and arresting all parties involved, the sources said. It was not uncommon for the squads to conduct up to two stings a night when the operation was in full swing. The shutdown came suddenly and with little explanation, the sources said.

The New York legislature needs to go one step further and legalize consensual sexual conduct between adults for consideration. It's called dating. Or, as it is commonly referred to in Connecticut, marriage. It is the year 2009, and despite the very serious problems that we as a society face in the form of crime, i.e. actual and not theoretical victimization against the citizenry, we -- no, the government still concerns itself with antediluvian statutes. Using a triage mode, we simply have no time to deal with this nonsense. Please, understand that I and we know that law enforcement personnel are not subject to a veto when it comes to selectively enforcing laws. They do as they're told, as it should be. I wouldn't be surprised if they found it demeaning to avert their attention from real crime with real victims to instead slink around adult video emporia trying to lure hapless gay men just looking to . . . you know. This is the subject of an actual case to be discussed later.

The very idea that one cannot sell or negotiate a lease for one's time and body is nothing short of absurd. It's the notion of a woman selling her "self" that cracks me up. The contrived notion of victimization is laughable. With the exception of women forced into white slavery, they know exactly what they're doing. And let's remind ourselves of the obvious; children can never consent and are not part of this discussion. It's nobody's business what a citizen can and cannot negotiate when it comes to their time and talent(s). This is just basic. Whether it's Paris Hilton plying her "celebrity" wares or some attention-starved urchin posting a YouTube clip, fundamental freedom permits and allows our unfettered right to demean ourselves.

Finally, it's only sexual intercourse and other versions of enumerated copulation that are verboten. If you get your proverbial rocks off snapping bubble wrap nude and you pay someone to accompany you while doing such, that ain't sex and that ain't prohibited. Even though it is sexually gratifying. Now that's just stupid. It's not sexual excitation for sale that's the problem, it's the enumerated acts that are provided for consideration, that's prostitution and proscribed.

And that's just un-American.