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Posted: November 29, 2007 01:01 PM

What Rudy/Judy Really Did That Was Wrong

The media are agog over the latest accusation that Republican presidential candidate and unabashed and shameless co-opter of all that is 9/11 Rudy Giuliani may have hidden costs for security details guarding him whilst "trysting the night away" with his then putative paramour and now wife, Judy Nathan, at her Hamptons love shack. It seems that tens of thousands of taxpayer bucks were charged to rather recondite city agencies such as those providing lawyers for indigent defendants, assisting the disabled and regulating loft apartments.

The online site Politico obtained documents under the Freedom of Information Law that details the aforementioned costs. Here's the Politico article. When Anderson Cooper broached the subject with Mr. 9/11, His "9/11-ness" responded that such security was required because he was the subject of threats and routinely received 24-hour security. As he should have and did.

So what's the big deal? Simple. The story has nothing to do with creative bookkeeping or secreting costs in obscure agency expense accounts. This was merely presented to remind voters and Republicans in particular that the (now) thrice-married Rudy was canoodling with the (now) thrice-married Judy whilst Rudy was still ensconced in marriage deux. Plain and simple. And if so, so what?

I'm sick and tired of hearing of Rudy's marriage(s), including the consanguineous nuptials with his cousin, his estranged kids, and Judy's marital amnesia (she was actually married twice before Rudy). There are plenty of reasons not to vote for the Rudester. Plenty. His personal life is his own business. And whether Rudy had a mistress is inapposite, irrelevant and immaterial in considering him for public office. Again, there are many reasons that speak volumes of Rudy's presidential shortcomings.

The only, repeat, only relevant point would be if Ms. Nathan enjoyed her own security detail absent Rudy. If New York's finest provided a Gumar Unit for Judy sans 9/11 Rudy, that would be another story.

Remember Rudy's toady Bernie Kerik and his extra-marital squeeze publishing harridan Judith (what's with the name Judy , anyway?) Regan? It was alleged that when Ms. Regan thought a cell phone and some jewelry were purloined by some lowly Fox News employees, Bernie dispatched detectives to interrogate the hapless employees -- in the middle of the night, no less. It turns out Judith found her cell phone (in a trash can outside the TV studio) and jewelry (in her bag). Oops. Never mind. That was wrong for the obvious reason that detectives were rerouted from official duties to provide a private security detail.

If that were the case with Judith Nathan, that would be a very different story. If she enjoyed a private security detail with taxpayers footing the bill, then let's talk.