02/21/2012 02:16 pm ET Updated Apr 22, 2012

How-To Cocktail Video: The Gimlet

Ever wonder why British sailors are called "limeys"? A couple hundred years ago, the Royal Navy began stocking its ships with limes on long voyages to ward off scurvy (a disease caused by vitamin C deficiency).

But who wants to eat a plain lime? The ever-resourceful Brits instead combined the fruits' juice with a little sugar and the English national spirit—gin—to create this classic drink. (One theory says the concoction is named for Sir Thomas D. Gimlette, a naval surgeon in the late 1800s).

While you don't need to worry about scurvy anymore, the refreshing Gimlet is still quite popular and is delicious on a warm afternoon. Watch our video below, featuring all-star mixologist and advisory board member Simon Ford, to learn how to fix one. Cheers!

Click here for the full Gimlet recipe.

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