09/02/2011 03:56 pm ET | Updated Oct 30, 2011

Laborless Cocktails

It's hard to believe, but summer is almost over. Before you dig out your fall sweaters and Halloween decorations, there's one last fleeting taste of the season: Labor Day.

And unlike other holidays, this long weekend is all about taking it easy. We think that should apply to what you're drinking, too. So for the next three days, no muddling, no tiki recipes that call for a dozen ingredients and no drinks that need five minutes of shaking. (Sorry, that means a ban on Mojitos and Ramos Gin Fizzes.)

To aid in your relaxation, we suggest you check out our galleries of two-ingredient and three-ingredient cocktails. These familiar concoctions pack a lot of flavor into simple recipes.

If you're throwing a party or hosting a barbecue, we reccomend you mix up a large bowl of punch ahead of time. Try the historic Garrick Club Punch, the sophisticated Nicaraguan Negroni Punch or the refreshing tequila-based Mexican Punch.

So kick back, relax and have a cocktail or two this long weekend. You've worked hard for it.

Three-Ingredient Cocktails:

Our Favorite Three-Ingredient Cocktails

Two-Ingredient Cocktails:

Our Favorite Two-Ingredient Cocktails