01/08/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Oklahoma Politicos: "Homos" Should be Ordered Into Treatment


Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett is eying the governor's mansion for the 2010 race, and he's busy making allies on the far right. Among his backroom buddies: Steve Kern, pastor of the Olivet Baptist Church and husband of State Representative Sally Kern.

According to, in a bid to court conservatives, the duo seem to be teaming up to rid the state library system of all gay and lesbian materials, as well as those their church-based philosophies find objectionable. A source close to Cornett told Gossipboy:

Gays are easy targets for him. He tried to use them in 2006, but it backfired. This round he wants to make it clear he is without a doubt against gay rights.

And Kern, who Cornett is courting, definitely has some harsh words about homosexuals:

We have to get rid of that and start curing those sinners. It's past time that this nation stopped placating sin and start putting them in education programs. Courts can force drug offenders into treatment centers and violent people into anger management. There's no reason our courts can't do that with homos.

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