01/24/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Some Sinful Links at Rick Warren's Updated Website

Saddleback Church removed several entries from its website, something which activist Mike Rogers noted during his elegant appearance on Hardball:

I compliment Rick Warren on seeing the error of his ways and changing his web site.

Well, this wasn't a removal of homophobia, but revisionism for PR purposes. A not-so-gay-friendly manifesto is back up at, this time with a picture of the very sincere Tom Holladay, a Saddleback teaching pastor and author of The Relationship Principles of Jesus (tagline: Nothing matters more than relationships -- and no one understands them better than Jesus.).

Tom's picture and his little blurb about not being judgmental are the addition. What's missing is the original statement:

[S]omeone unwilling to repent of their homosexual lifestyle would not be accepted at a member at Saddleback Church.

and its follow-up:

In equal desire to follow Jesus, we also would not accept a couple into membership at Saddleback who were not willing to repent of the sexual sin of living together before marriage

But some curiously sexy and sinful links are also present -- though now that I've written about the rather risque placeholders, Pastor Rick's crack web team (which has currently rendered his views on dinosaurs extinct -- yes Pastor Rick believes that man and velociraptors once frolicked together, because the Bible sorta says so) may have replaced them with something a little less racy....

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