I Was Mean to Bombshell McGee (And I Feel a Little Bit Guilty)

06/12/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

I scored the first T.V. interview with Michelle "Bombshell" McGee (airing on Inside Edition Tuesday, April 13th) and I pretty much sucked at that whole fair and balanced-y thing.

We sat down at a hotel in San Diego for two hours on Sunday and no amount of research could've prepared me for what walked in the door. She is tiny. Five feet tall and a size zero...I guess the Nazi getup adds a few inches on camera.

Her delicate features and pale complexion are at war with with a body full of tattoos that she estimates took over 100 hours to apply and include a swastika on her crotch inked in a teen-age fit of dumb-assery. She claims to regret that one and has since had it covered up with another tattoo. No, I didn't ask to see it. I don't get paid enough.


She claims that Jesse James "duped" her. He said he was separated. She claims that In Touch "cornered" her with evidence of their relationship and that she would never have gone to the press. She claims that she's been "misunderstood." She's not really a home wrecking-fame whore-anti Semite-lap dancer. Nope. She's just a mom (of two young boys!) trying to make a living.

I said I was sick of the "parade of skank mistresses" suddenly making headlines en route to a multi-million dollar settlement or a Vanity Fair shoot or a gig at the Pink Elephant near Augusta. (How 'bout that Phil Mickelson, by the way? But I digress.) I said, "What part of he's wearing a wedding ring don't you understand?" I also made her cry when I asked her how she would someday explain this scandal to her children.

After I left I kinda felt bad. But not for very long.