12/04/2009 03:48 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

I Would've Used A Baseball Bat

Now that just about everybody has wieghed in on Tiger-Gate (Danny Bonaduce opined on CNN last night that cheating on one's wife is "patriotic" 'cause Jefferson did it), I thought I'd add my two cents from the perspective of the athlete's wife.

My hubby, Scott Erickson, was a 17 year MLB pitcher who was successful (named as an All Star, was a World Series champ in '91 and threw the first no-hitter in the Metrodome), but more importantly to potential homewrecking skanks...he made a lot of money and he's hot.

Apparently, being a good looking and well known athlete is like Hooter Girl cat-nip, but earning serious bank can also uprade you from simply bedding a stripper (yawn) to pulling a "VIP Nightclub Hostess" or a reality chick from "Tool Acadamy".

It was for this very reason that I avoided meeting my own Mr. Right when following a sit down interview with Barry Bonds his pulicist told me that she wanted to introduce me to Scott, her former client. I said to both a girlfriend and my producer at the time, "No thanks. Athletes are trouble."

After 13 years of sports reporting I'd seen too many ballplayers catting around on their wives to ever put myself in the possition of being, well, the cat litter.

Following months of brief and impersonal phone conversations though, I decided to meet him, we courted and a year later we married.

So why the change of heart? Basically it was because in terms of sports years, we were ANCIENT. He was 36 and spent his 20's and early 30's sowing his oats, frequenting strip clubs, dating bartenders and enjoying his youth as a hot, successful athlete...and avoiding knocking anybody up...yay.

By the time he met me he was ready to settle down and at 38, so was I. (There were some oats-sowing and bartenders in my past, too.) That's not to say there won't be problems, but presumably they won't include a three iron.

Then why are these other young players getting married and breeding so fast that you'd think a championship ring was involved rather than a tiny gold band? Shouldn't they do what any other red blooded male would do in their position and f@#$ around for a while?

Call me a cynic, but I believe it's because they believe that society expects them to settle down and procreate. That it's good for their image to potential sponsors. And that most of their teammates get away with cheating so they will too.

More players should think twice about getting married young, but if they do, their wives should get on the driving range and practice their swing. I'll hit the batting cages instead.