Do a Good Deed in 10 Minutes Flat

08/14/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Everybody loves chocolate and Hershey's Kisses are the number one candy in America.
In fact, 80 million Kisses are made each day; that's 850 thousand pounds of smackers!

Here is more trivia you might not know:

100 years ago, Milton S. Hershey launched a school for orphaned and indigent boys who otherwise would not have afforded to have an education.

Hershey and his wife were unable to have children of their own and wanted to help enhance the lives of others. This August, Hershey will be celebrating the centennial of the school that has drastically improved the lives of many boys and girls. Hershey's is launching a survey to see what your opinion is about the best way to mark the centennial.

And for every survey that is completed before July 22, Hershey is making a donation to support Soaringwords, the charity that I started nine years ago. Soaringwords' mission is to help millions of ill children and their families to "Never give up!"


If 10,000 of you will open your hearts and invest 10 minutes your time to complete this survey, Soaringwords will receive a $35,000 grant from Hershey's to help our cause. The survey will take just a few minutes of your time so please hang in there. We cannot do this without your help and the help of your friends. Please forward this email to those who can help!

Soaringwords knows this challenge is a lofty one. But as an organization that inspires millions of ill children to "Never give up!" how could we not accept the challenge? You have the ability to help us make this goal a reality, to receive the funding from Hershey and to be able to share Soaringwords activities with hospitalized kids around the country.

Many thanks!

Sending you a million "kisses"!