05/26/2015 10:11 pm ET | Updated May 26, 2016

How to Hide Your Valuables at the Beach

Aside from cookouts and flip-flops, I can't think of a summertime tradition more essential than a trip to the beach. The waves, the sand, the sunny skies -- it's the perfect place to rest and spend some much-needed time with family.

But while a trip to the beach is wonderful, the trip home isn't always quite so pleasant. After a day of fun in the sun, you and your belongings are typically covered in sweat, sand, and sticky sunscreen.

That's why this incredible beach hack is so ingenious. By just emptying out a plastic container -- something you no doubt have in your pantry right at this very moment -- your beach experiences will never be the same.

Looking to capture fun summer memories with your iPhone or small digital camera, but afraid it won't survive the trip? Toss it, your keys, and some spare cash inside, and keep the sand where it belongs: under your bare feet.

But this brilliant trick can protect you from more than just sand. Afraid of prowlers rooting through your stuff while you boogie-board the day away? Hide your valuables in plain sight and worry no more!

Could you see yourself using this for your next summer outing? Let us know in the comments below!