12/05/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Target and Alexander McQueen, Pinch Me I'm Dreaming!

I've never hidden the fact that I am an uber fan of Target's "Go International" line. On the Sunday the new collection drops I am there, 9 am, ready to shove any other thrifty fashionistas out of the way. This never happens, as the other thrifty fashionistas who live in Jersey City are apparently still unconscious at 9 am on Sunday. But, when other fashion fans hear this news, I have a feeling I may get into my first fight trying to grab items off the rack.

The latest whisper is that Alexander McQueen, he of elaborate tear-inducing shows and drool-worthy clothes, will be designing an upcoming line for Target.

I'll give you a moment to take that all in.

What this means is there is an actual chance for those of us without trust funds to afford a McQueen piece of our very own! While yes, you could purchase Samsonite luggage that McQueen designed (but you can't wear it!), or sneakers from Puma that he collaborated on (but it's still a Puma sneaker!), or even a piece from his McQ diffusion line (that averages around $300 per item); this is your golden opportunity to have dresses, tops and even possible outerwear hanging in your closet that are designed by the genius himself.

While Target is calling this partnership "Designer Collaborations," a separate entity from their designer capsule collections called "Go International," it appears to be extremely similar. The only difference between the two concepts is that "Go International" is devoted to emerging designers, and "Designer Collaborations" will be teaming with well-established designers.

So while you still have to wait until March to slither into his edgy designs, start saving, because you're going to want every item they offer!

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