05/22/2012 04:34 pm ET Updated Jul 22, 2012

Hansen on the Road, Mini Hansen That Is!

He's back. That would be Hansen-the-racehorse. Without the Hansenettes, the blue tail drama or Doc Hansen. What we have is the essence of Hansen-the-racehorse. A Mini Hansen, small yet undiminished. A goodwill Hansen, as it were.


Hansen drinks away the stress of the Derby campaign.

On his first outing on Sunday, he joined a group of retired thoroughbred racehorses learning the a new career at a clinic.


Hansen heads to a clinic in New Hampshire to support his fellow OTTBs

Secretly, he was horrified that there were no plans to visit a breeding shed... but he plays along...


Mini Hansen gathers round at the start of the clinic session

Realizing he must be a role model, Mini Hansen stepped up, jumped a few fences.


...and clears the first fence handily

Mini H admired the Boston skyline, before he returned home to his secret stable, where he awaits a new adventure. Doc thinks it's going to be a race... we shall see!


Hansen surveys the Boston skyline after a long day at the clinic

No Mini Hansens were harmed or endangered in the pursuit of this story. To follow the exploits of Mini Hansen go to

All pictures and captions used with permission of Jen Montfort, the Hansen Whisperer