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Liz O'Neill


5 Things That Should Be Allowed On College Campuses Before Guns

Posted: 04/07/11 08:50 AM ET

College students get caught with all sorts of things they're not supposed to have -- alcohol, drugs, plagiarized papers... And up until now, guns would have been considered contraband, too. But at least seven states are currently considering revised policies that would allow professors and/or students to carry licensed firearms on campus. That's right: guns on campus. Whatever side of the issue you favor, it seems like there are some clearer risk vs. reward policies that states should amend first. Here are five.

Christmas Trees
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Some Oklahoma legislators think Sooner state students need guns. But what about garlands? Oklahoma State University strictly prohibits live Christmas trees in dorms, suites, apartments and corridors. In 2005, there were more than 30,000 U.S. deaths associated with firearms. In 2002, Christmas tree fires killed 23 people. Just sayin'...
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