Dirty, Deadly Soot

07/11/2012 07:43 pm ET | Updated Sep 10, 2012


Kids get dirty. But recently, I learned about a new type of dirt that is particularly harmful to children. It's called soot. Soot causes health problems because we breathe in the particle pollution, which is too small to be expelled easily by breathing; it lodges deeply in our lungs and stays there. Soot is a potent asthma attack trigger -- it has been linked to heart attacks and strokes, among other things. Moms Clean Air Force blogger, Molly Rauch created a helpful and detailed post for us: 5 Reasons Moms Love The New Soot Standard. We all need to support this new soot standard because our kids deserve healthy childhoods. They must be able to go outside and get dirty without us having to worry about their health.